Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayers Needed, Please

We really need your prayers..... My cousin's little boy who just turned four years old has cancer. He had surgery on the 26th of December to remove a very large tumor around his lung. He had been taking chemo to shrink the tumor in order for the doctor's to perform surgery. The tumor was not "dead" as the doctor's had thought and little Robert Donald Stepp had to immediately start radiation and more chemo. He has a 50% survival rate.
His parents have set up a website through Caring Bridge http://caringbridge.org/visit/robertstepp Please...please visit the site to read his story. Robert and his family really need all the prayers that you have to give. We would appreciate you passing this website on to everyone that you know and adding him to your church prayer lists also. Again, please check out his story at http://caringbridge.org/visit/robertstepp.
Thank you so much!

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