Sunday, May 29, 2011

** The Planning of Paper Cowgirl 2011 and Prom Night**

I just have to share the planning of my trip back home to Texas to see family and friends and to attend the Paper Cowgirl creativity retreat held every June in Waxahachie, Texas.
I'm frantically trying to complete my swap items that I've signed up, goodies for friends and get my "Prom Attire" put together.  Oh yea,  we're having "Prom Night" at Polkadots and I'm so excited.
Here's a sneak peek of my Prom dress and I'll post morre of what I'm up to throughout this evening and tomorrow.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Came up for air for a minute & decied to visit you. Your prom dress is beautiful!!!! We're gonna have such fun! (so glad I'm not the only one dressing up but I'd have still done it LOL)

Hands To Work Studio said...

Thanks for your post. I absolutely can't wait until PC! Of course I'm still working like crazy on these swaps. (sigh)
I had decided to just wear some gaudy top and jewelry and forget about an actual dress. And then... I saw it. The most beautiful blue dress-..... What the heck am I thinking... I am not going to buy a prom dress..........
And then... I did just that. I called Phyllis Shows immediately and said- "Are you sitting down?"
We screamed and giggled and we're still giggling. I think she's dressing up, too.
I was so happy to receive the motivation from all of you fellow Paper Cowgirls. After I read Betti Zucker's post on the board I said yep... she just talked me into it- Thank you Betti!
So if I'm shopping and accidentally knock something over in this HUGE dress, I'll just point to the person beside me and say- " She did it!!" HEHEHEHE
;^) ***

I can't wait to see you!